About Us

Building On was developed by Jodi Wilinsky Hill to provide project based consulting services to socially conscious businesses, nonprofit organizations, coalitions and cross-sector alliances, supporting entities with compelling missions to maximize their reach – to be bold.

Building On sees both the big picture and the detailed pieces of the puzzle. We embrace complexity – sort out challenges, create clarity, offer solutions and amplify impact.

Build on: go from where you are to where you really want to be – and beyond!

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Building On provides a range of services for businesses, non-profit organizations and the public sector. Our tool kit to get the job done is large!

Strategic Planning

full plans; plans for programs, staffing, fundraising, etc.


Identification and Development, Agreements, Oversight, and Training

Outcome-Focused Program Design

full plans; plans for programs, staffing, fundraising, etc.

Corporate Philanthropy and Volunteerism

Program development, Implementation and Evaluation

Research, Writing

Messaging, Research, Writing, Decks, Campaigns, White Papers, Case Studies


Planning and Implementation

Career Coaching & Direction


Development, Distribution, Analysis, Reports

Building On has a special passion for projects that

  • support the creation and start up of new entities that will make a difference
  • level the playing field for under-served populations
  • improve the education, health and workforce status of people
  • matter to children
  • build connections
  • may seem too complicated
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