Strategic Planning

full plans; plans for programs, staffing, fundraising, etc.


Identification and Development, Agreements, Oversight, and Training

Outcome-Focused Program Design

full plans; plans for programs, staffing, fundraising, etc.

Corporate Philanthropy and Volunteerism

Program development, Implementation and Evaluation

Research, Writing

Messaging, Research, Writing, Decks, Campaigns, White Papers, Case Studies


Planning and Implementation

Career Coaching & Direction


Development, Distribution, Analysis, Reports


Building On has extensive experience with non-profit projects of all kinds: Strategic planning; Partnership development and management; Program design; Grant strategy and writing; Fundraising events; Messaging; Mergers; Research; White Papers; and Operations!

Civic Organizations

Building On is available to support a range of organizations and efforts – adding value by bringing specialized expertise and delivering project-based, focused results.


Building On provides coaching services to individuals focused on career and family direction, leadership effectiveness, and effective communication.

“I felt so comfortable with your process. Every step made sense to me – including and especially starting with the person, not the paper. From start to finish, this felt like progress I have not experienced in this effort – until today. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to tell me to block a longer window of time because Jodi’s process was so on the money.” – Executive Coaching Client


Building On holds expertise in: Connecting businesses with community through internship programs; advising on and designing strategic philanthropy and volunteerism; strategic staff training planning and funding of staff training through state Workforce Training Grants; B Corp application.


Partnership development is at the heart of Building On. There is tremendous opportunity in collaboration, coordination and networking. Resources are better deployed. Energy is generated. Ideas expand. Impacts are multiplied. Big things happen.


Building communities big and small is the soul of Building On: community within organizations; connections between two organizations; and networks of all sizes – supporting personal, social, career and economic well-being.


Building On’s vision - near and far - is excellent, seeing both the big picture and what is needed to build that vision. A clear strategic vision and putting the array of top-notch resources in place are both essential for getting where you want to go.


Having the financial resources to grow organizations, develop people and accomplish bold goals is critical. Building On specializes in identifying and writing grants, including many available to for profit businesses! State workforce training funding is available to pay for training for your staff, in line with meeting your business goals and addressing challenges and barriers to doing so.
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