Lawrence Partnership

PROJECT: Survey regional employer hiring challenges and practices; and catalogue regional workforce training: determine strategy, questions, format, distribution and collection of employer survey; map existing regional workforce training; support convening employers by industry; and articulate existing and potential solutions for hiring challenges.

OUTCOME: Final Report.

Lawrence Partnership, a private/public sector collaboration for the economic development and general improvement of the City of Lawrence. Consultant for the Lawrence Partnership Employment Training Consortium  project, a six month project supporting regional economic development by surveying employer hiring pain points, mapping XISTING regional workforce training, convening employers by industry and leadership, and ultimately looking at existing and potential solutions for hiring challenges, many solutions that will also support lowering the very high unemployment rate in Lawrence.

Building On developed and disseminated a survey of regional employers to assess workforce challenges and needs, developed and managed relationships with regional organizations to distribute this survey, summarized survey results from multiple perspectives, presented results to the Consortium Working Group; conducted workforce training landscape assessment; promoted project awareness. See Final Report.

“First, it is really stellar to be working with you. You are really on top of all these moving pieces and your results are very good. You make our jobs so easy.”

Derek Mitchell, Executive Director, Lawrence Partnership

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