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I want to make sure that you get a sense of what Building On does – and how and why we do what we do.

I am fortunate to have always worked for mission driven organizations and in alignment with my purpose. I am passionate about my work; for me, work is pleasure. Purpose driven work affords me the opportunity to learn, to connect and to fertilize great organizations, effecting growth and leaving organizations stronger.

If you are interested in growing your impacts – growing your organization – expanding the dollars you raise – I would love to connect.

My very best, Jodi

Building On was developed by Jodi Wilinsky Hill to provide project based consulting services to socially conscious businesses, nonprofit organizations, coalitions and cross-sector alliances, supporting entities with compelling missions to maximize their reach – to be bold.

Building On sees both the big picture and the detailed pieces of the puzzle. We embrace complexity – sort out challenges, create clarity, offer solutions and amplify impact.

Build on: go from where you are to where you really want to be – and beyond!


Building On provides contracted consulting and interim leadership services that amplify the impact of nonprofit organizations and social businesses via:


Many organizations can easily expand their fundraising to grow impact and operate with greater ease. Building On provides fundraising and messaging evaluation, strategy and implementation, based on extensive success with individual and corporate donors, principal gifts, grants, start up and challenge funding, P2P fundraising and events. Let us provide an assessment of your fundraising productivity.


Having a Strategic Plan that is measurable and achievable, that can be communicated clearly to and engages all constituencies, that is tied to people and budget - is essential and much easier than many think. Planning should be energizing and accomplished in a six month window whenever possible. Talk with us about the kind of planning process that would work best.


Active, engaged, outcome-focused Interim Leadership can create positive momentum during a time of change. Building On has a track record of success in being more than a place holder during times of leadership and fundraising leadership transition.

Building On is also available to work with leadership teams and Boards.


Telling your story, conveying your impacts, getting the attention of the right people at the right times, engaging donors to give and to give more - are all an integral part of the ongoing efforts and activities of any public facing organization. Excellent messaging and writing can change who is paying attention and how they are supporting you.
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