PROJECT: New website: hired by BR Creative to do full scale assessment of services provided by NEKCA; design website navigation and website page layouts; and produce website content, serving multiple constituencies and promoting this important anti-poverty organization. Coordinated with NEKCA leadership and web designer.

OUTCOME: A new website for NEKCA

NEKCA – NorthEast Kingdom Community Action, is a non-profit Community Action organization serving the poorest areas of Vermont. Like most Community Action programs, NEKCA provides a tremendous number of services at many locations. Their website had gradually become outdated, and very challenging to navigate. NEKCA contracted with BR Creative to revamp their website.

BR Creative turned to Building On to do a full scale assessment of services provided by NEKCA and to design website navigation and produce content that would serve clients, referral agencies, service and funding partners, and also promote supporting this critically important organization.

“You have been a great asset on this account…You have certainly gone beyond the scope of work we asked you to do…Thanks for the quantity and quality of the work.”

– Barry Rosenthal, President, BR Creative

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